Sunday, June 19, 2011

Baby Shower in Brief

Note: This post was written right after the shower. Due to popular demand, I have written a more detailed post on this baby shower, including a template for the oh so popular uterus: The Rubyspikes Guide to Hosting a Baby Shower That Doesn't Suck. On that page, you'll even find a link to the entire post in PDF form so you print it all out and plan yourself a rocking, non-sucky baby shower.)


I was the MC for my sister's baby shower today. It was a blast. It was also a long day. So this post is a little short on details and heavy on photos. It was a marathon shower (7 hours - for a variety of reasons), so there were a ton of activities small and large. Here were some of the favorites.

Baby Faces
Using Mommy & Daddy's faces, assemble the face of their baby.

Weird faces result, I'm telling you. Hilarious, but creepy.

Then people use the pieces on themselves. Also creepy.

Play-Doh Baby
Make a baby out of Play-Doh. Mommy & Daddy judge and choose the winner. People were damn creative. My baby was the one that most resembled the the lump of Play-Doh when you first pull it out of the canister.

Pin the Sperm on the Egg
It took me a while to figure out how to do a "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" type game without it sucking. No one ever wants to be blindfolded and spun around, so people usually avoid these games like the plague. I finally came up with this idea. We created a construction paper uterus. (My husband actually did. Mad construction paper skills, y'all.) People were given a paper and ribbon sperm when they arrived. They wrote their name on it and stuck it anywhere on the uterus. Then once everyone was done, we blindfolded just Mommy and she pinned the egg on the uterus. Closest sperm won. The cuteness of the sperm alone was a hit. Plus, you get to take pictures of people sitting around talking underneath a uterus. And who doesn't want to be photographed under a uterus?

Beer Chug
Yes, it sounds a little like college, but it was damn hilarious. 3 ounces of beer in a baby bottle. First person to finish wins. One rule: the nipple (and no part of the nipple) can not come off the bottle. Go. (Note: If you do try this at home, you could easily go with 1.5-2 ounces. Those nipples are slow!)

All in all, it was a really fun an funny day. My sister did miss out on some of the classics, like gift bingo for example, but I don't think she's gonna' lose any sleep over it.

Want to read more? Here's the follow up post: The Rubyspikes Guide to Hosting a Baby Shower That Doesn't Suck.


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