The Other Blog

I have two blogs: Little Ants and Sarcasm 101. If you're wondering which one you should follow, that will depend on you. Follow one, both, or neither, depending on how much cute and/or snarkiness you want in your life. To help you decide, let me tell you a bit about each of them.

Little Ants: Stories about my two young sons. The stories focus on their latest developments, conversations, or adventures. All stories are grandparent-friendly, especially since they are my biggest and most important readers.

Sarcasm-101: (You are here.) I rant. I rave. I complain. I admire. I question. I answer. Basically, if it's not a cute story about my kid, it goes here. I do sometimes talk about parenting, but I also talk social media, my pet peeves, my questions for the faithful (since I am a curious atheist), politics, grammar, or anybody who happens to say or do something that I find absurd (which happens pretty often).

Here's another way to look at it:
So take your pick. Or choose both... or neither. Whatever floats your boat.