Friday, March 25, 2011

Dear Google, Can You Build Me a New Toy?

Dear Google,

I would like you to build me a new product. Because as I see it, what you do best is to sit back and watch what everyone's doing on the web for a couple years, and then go, "Yep, we can do that better." And then you do. You started off building a better search engine. Google Maps replaced Mapquest.  GMail. Google Voice. Heck, I'm using Chrome as my browser right now (and LOVE it!). So, Google, here is what I would like for you to build for me: A Social Network Dashboard. And here is what I want it to do:

  • Let me view all of my social media feeds
  • Let me post to my various social media feeds
  • Let me keep all my social networking sites separate, but accessible from one point.
  • But mostly, let all my "friends", "followers", and blog "readers" follow me from one place.
Because to be honest, Google, we social networking users are really in need of this type of service. 

I'm like you, Google; I'm a straggler. I only joined facebook two years ago. And it wasn't until the last month that I finally got around to joining Twitter and LinkedIn. Then I started a blog. Then a second blog. (You can't have one blog, really.) And now that I'm part of three social networks, writing two blogs, and following several others, I gotta' tell you that it's a mess.

First off, I can't stand posting stuff to Twitter and then to facebook. A) It's a pain. B) Anyone who I'm both "friends" with and who "follows" me is going to have to read my stuff twice. And trust me, nothing I'm saying is really all that amazing that it needs to be read twice. And even if it was, how many great one liners are as funny the second time you hear them as they were the first. Very few. But if I don't post my witticisms in both places, then OMG (wassup Oxford), someone might miss something profound that I've just shared, and I really can't have that happening. (I know, I know.  I just said that nothing I said was that amazing. I'm a little schizophrenic, or hadn't you noticed.  Didn't you read that part where I said that I have two blogs? There's one for each me.)

Oh, so then there's my blogs. Every time I add a post to one of my blogs, I have to go to facebook and Twitter and tell everyone that I just posted something to my blog.  "Hey! Go read my blog!" Because, well you know, I can't spend all this time writing a blog post and not have my friends and followers know that it's out there. But all this self-promotion, yuck. Think of how many extra tweets and status updates and blog posts I could be writing if I wasn't so busy writing on one site about what I'm writing about on the other sites that some of my people might not be following, reading, or friending me on. Did you follow all that? Of course you didn't. I told you, it's a huge mess.

So, Google, could you be a dear and build us a better social networking tool. I don't need you to reinvent facebook or Twitter or blogs (though clearly you've already got my blog), I just want my friends and followers and readers to not have to hear me say the same thing two and three and four times. Do you want to read the same thing two or three or four times? No, no one wants to read the same thing two or three or four times. (See how annoying that is!) 

But really, I can't have people missing out on something fabulous that I said in one place, but didn't mention in another place. All this fabulousness really shouldn't be missed.

Thanks, Google.  I really am your biggest fan.


OakParkGirl said...

Did you see my request for almost the same thing last week? I broke down and now run 2 Twitter clients that can also post to FB and LinkedIn so I can manage several of my "identities" at once. If only they also managed blog posts...

Roxanne said...

I hope people in the google development department read this...

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