Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Perfect Tag Line

I don't want you to think that all I do is complain. So today, I'll share something I like. I really like it when companies come up with the perfect tag line. "What?" you might be thinking, but let me explain.

Today's perfect tag line: "There's fast food, and then there's KFC."

Why is this so perfect? Because even though KFC dumped this tag line years ago, I am never able to go to a KFC without thinking, "There's fast food, and then there's KFC." Today was no different.

I went to KFC tonight to get dinner for my husband and me. I pull into the drive-thru at 7:36 p.m. There is one care in front of me. My husband had texted me his order and I realize I have a question. I text him quickly, hoping he'll respond before I have to order. He texts me back. I wait. I text him back.  He texts me again.  I wait.... another 3 minutes before I even got to pull up and to the speaker. Hmmm. Guess I was worried about nothing.

I pull up.  I'm ready to order. Instead I waited. Then I placed my order. I pulled up behind the one car in front of me at the window. I waited. I pull up. I pay. I wait. And wait.

"Ma'aam, we don't have enough green beans left for your order. Can I get you something else?" And how is it that you didn't realize this when I was ordering? Whatever. Give me mashed potatoes.

I wait some more.

They hand me my food at 7:50. 14 minutes start to finish. Explain this to me. It's not like they had to kill the chicken. They pretty much just had to put the already cooked and sitting under a heat lamp chicken into a box.

So, my friends, I say again, there is fast food, and then there's KFC.


Erica M said...

You can never be in a hurry when ordering at KFC or Sonic. An ad agency should pay me for that one.

TheNextMartha said...

My KFC? Has the food ready when I pull up. This also scares me.

OakParkGirl said...

OMG order at a Popoeye's sometime. I swear to freaking god we cannot get our food in under 30 minutes and it is ALWAYS wrong. ALWAYS. I'm really not exaggerating, ask my husband. And this is true at every Popeye's we have ever been to. We rarely go, but once a year we take a chance, and have a good laugh as we open our bag and make bets on what is actually inside :)

OakParkGirl said...

And c'mon, can we turn off the word verification?? It's probably just a site default, I doubt you're worried about hoards of robot spammers coming after you. When I am replying on my phone, which is most of the time, this is such a huge PITA. PLEASE :)

Heather A said...

Word verification off. When the robot spammers come after me, I'm sending the crazy robots to your house. :)

OakParkGirl said...

Thank you for removing the word verification! Oddly, I am pretty sure I just got one on my last post but maybe it's the robots...

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