Saturday, April 9, 2011

Another Brilliant Idea: LLOL

Here's the deal, I am tired of having to type out "literally LOL." I do it at least once a week. (I know some pretty funny people, and they make me laugh - a lot.) But we've reached the point where LOL just isn't cutting it any more. LOL may stand for "laughing out loud," but that's not really what we mean when we type it. Now we mean, "Hey! That was pretty funny," and there's a big difference between something that's just "pretty funny" and something that literally makes you laugh out loud. And when people make me literally laugh out loud, I want them to know, "Dude! You are damn funny!"

So a couple weeks ago, at the peak of my annoyance with having to type out the word "literally" several times in one day (yes, I told you, I know some damn funny people), I decided I was going to create a new Internet acronym: LLOL.

I figured it'd sweep the globe. Everyone would use it. No one would care where it came from, but if they did, they might find there way back here to find that little old me had some damn funny friends and was too damn lazy to keep typing out the word "literally."

So before I launch this new Internet sensation, I should probably Google "LLOL" first just to make sure it doesn't already mean something I've never heard of; something I'd really rather not be associated with. Hold please....


Guess what. As almost unbelievable as it sounds, I am not the first person to think of this clever acronym. (I know! It really is amazing!) It's already got an entry in Urban Dictionary.


Well, at least I know that when you see LLOL in my Tweets and texts, you'll know what I mean: you are damn funny, and I am literally laughing out loud.

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Claire said...

I absolutely am adding this to my text/tweet vernacular. I have people who make me, literally, laugh out loud all the time. And I'm also tired of typing out the literally. Why have I never thought of this before?

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