Friday, April 1, 2011

Ice Cream Fairy Godmother

I was sitting in bed. Hubby asleep next to me. I'm on my laptop. It's a Friday night. (OK. I'm lame. Your point?) The house is silent except for my clicking and typing and Hubby's occasional snoring.

Suddenly, I hear one of my kids crying in his bedroom. It's 10:00. I put my laptop down and head toward kid #1's bedroom. I slowly open the door. Sound asleep.

Was that really the baby? Didn't sound like the baby. I head back to my bedroom to check the video monitor. Baby is sound asleep. However, next to the monitor is the Snickers ice cream bar that I had brought upstairs ten minutes earlier, set on the nightstand, and completely forgotten about.

I think my conclusion is obviously the only possible explanation: There is an ice cream fairy godmother who really did not want a scrumptious Snickers ice cream bar to go uneaten.

So thank you, fairy god mother. You're the best!


TheNextMartha said...

Can I have her? And when my nightstand is empty one magically appears? yeah. that.

Gilsner said...

Every time an ice cream bar melts an angel loses its wings.

Just saying...

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