Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Meta-Blogging (Again)

I may have dived into this blogging thing a little too quickly. I wrote my first post 28 days ago. I didn't really give it much thought. I figured I'm going to max out at about 20 readers anyway, so it's not like I needed a full-fledged plan or anything. Not.

27 days ago I decided that maybe I had been a little careless in naming my blog. (Everyone agreed.) So 26 days ago I renamed my blog. The new name is a fine name. It suits me. But today, while driving home from work, I thought of the perfect name for my blog. Dammit! Why didn't I think of this 27 days ago? Wanna know what it was? "Witch & Moan" It's perfect, right? Because basically all I do here is bitch & moan, but then it goes with the cute little witch-themed avatar over there. Oh I am so clever. But dammit, how retarded am I? Really? I'm going to change the name again? It's not even a month old. Plus, when I told my husband my incredibly clever alternative blog name, he thought the current one is just as good. Whatever. I can't even think about it. I'm a moron; let's just leave it at that for now.

Next up, let's talk number of blogs. I currently have three. That's right, three. One month ago, I had zero. Today I have three. And I'm thinking of creating another one. What is wrong with me??? Well, I'll tell you. Before I created my first blog (way back in March of 2011 as you may recall), I had a pretty good idea that the reason I would not be a very good blogger was inconsistency. I know that good blogs (i.e. blogs people actually want to read) generally A) are updated regularly and B) have an overarching theme. I figured I'd suck at both. What I'm passionate about from day to day changes drastically. (You may have noticed.) But overall, I think it's going ok. Turns out that if my theme (B) is stuff that bugs me, I've got plenty to talk about, thus satisfying A. Yeah! But then I wanted to have a cute little blog about my kids, and I wanted to keep that separate from my snarky blog, so that's blog #2. Then I decided I'm going to try to improve my photography chops, so I created blog #3 just for me to chart my progress. (Don't even worry about that one, it's totally boring.) Then today I started writing a post for this blog that was about a new book I just ordered on Amazon and it was way to serious and introspective to post here. So that would be a fourth blog. Really? A fourth blog? Meanwhile, I have a 4 year old, a 7 month old, a husband, a job, 2 dogs, & a house that doesn't clean itself.

But I guess the whole blogging thing is my new leisure activity, and it's kinda nice to have a place (or several) to "think out loud." And as my husband said today when I asked him, "How many blogs are too many?" he said, "I don't think it's the number of blogs, as much as the amount of time blogging." Oh, he is wise, my husband.

So in summary, here's what's bugging me today: my own freaking insanity! But what the heck else is new?

So I'm off to create a new blog. Or maybe not. Or rename this one. Or not. Really, I don't have a clue at the moment. Maybe I'll get a spinny-wheel out of one of my son's board games and let the Chutes & Ladders gods decide.


TheNextMartha said...

I get it. I totally do. I think you can expand here to more than "witching and moaning" (Very cute btw) once in a while. It's your spot. Do what you want. But I'm no expert, so there's that.

Paulette said...

OMG! I get where you are coming from, sorta. I mean I'm new to this blogging thing (as in just started yesterday so you are experienced) but I know I enjoy what I just read and can relate to my own insanity bugging oneself! (did that come out sounding at all coherent? hard to say as the dadgone roofers are bugging me ;p )

OakParkGirl said...

Honestly, I'd have preferred you put it all in one blog, it would reflect the many facets of Heather :) Also, there are tools to allow people to filter through your posts and skip things they don't care about. You get too many blogs I may give up trying to read them all :p

I only have 3 blogs because 2 of them are organization-related and HAVE to be separate. I might get in trouble for mixing my personal ranty blog posts with my public Microsoft persona, so I have to silo them. My personal stuff is even locked down.

I like your current name, but witch & moan is also pretty clever.

rubyspikes said...

TheNextMartha: Can you ask HoeInTheGarden what she thinks? Just curious. ;)

Paulette: Totally coherent. Your blog is?

OakParkGirl: I know YOU love the many facets of Heather, but some of the facets are very dichotomous. We'll see. I think I'll post the one I was writing from yesterday and you'll all go, "Ohhhhhhhh. Yeah, this doesn't belong here." But it's also a touchy subject, so I don't know that I have the balls to start up a whole blog on the subject. (It's about religion and faith, y'all. And since I'd actually like to have a serious discussion with the world, I thought it'd probably be better to keep it away from my snark-fest over here.) We'll see.

As for the name, I guess it's staying. For now. I think Tim was right way back when. You're NEVER going to be able to find me on Google. (But like that was gonna' happen anyhow.)

Unknown said...

"Tim was right", I've been waiting my whole life for that.

"Witch and Moan" is way better for SEO and www.WitchAndMoan.com is surprisingly available. A black hat logo, flying monkeys the brand builds itself. Though if you offend the wiccans they'll cast a spell on you.

Unknown said...

Its a great pleasure reading your post.Its full of information I am looking for and I love to post a comment that
"I may have dived into this blogging thing a little too quickly" Great work.

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