Sunday, March 13, 2011

No More Questions

I am an American. As such, I have been raised to believe that capitalism = goodness. So believe me, retailers of the world, I understand that you'd really like it if when I come to your establishment to buy the loss leader, you'd really like it if I also buy the item with the 3000% profit margin.  I get it. Really, I do.

But heaven help me if I go to one more gas station where I have to specify that my credit card that is not a debit card is being used as a credit card, enter my ZIP code, say no to a car wash, and say no to a receipt... all before you turn on the damn gas! Always when I'm running late. Always when it's raining or 3 degrees outside. Can't you at least turn those damn things off when the temperature falls below freezing!

I have a mental map of gas stations that have done this to me. I'm not going back there. And that, my friends, is capitalism at work.


Bernadette said...

Wow, we agree again. I just want to pump my gas and go. The zip code I can understand as it might prevent the use of a stolen card, but the other crap is just that.

Jennifer said...

Or the following

Enter Zip:
Do you want a car wash:
Are you interested in a commercial about gas?
Do you want a muffin?
Come in and get a drink for 1.50
You sure you don't want a muffin?

OakParkGirl said...

I'm the EXACT same way, I say that all the time. I just want my freaking GAS!! I'd pay extra to go to a station where I can just put in a card and gas starts flowing without a single additional key press :p

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