Friday, April 1, 2011

Reader's Choice: April

It's April 1st. My baby blog is almost a month old. It's growing up so fast! And as of this writing, I've had 587 page views. That's amazing! That means somebody's reading it. Who would have thought?

And since we're a small little family here, I thought I'd invite your suggestions. Not that I'm lacking for a list of things to rant about. I've got four or five half-formed ideas rattling around in my head. But half the fun is getting my annoyances out there in the world. The other half is hearing what you think about it.

So I'm opening the doors to topic ideas. Is there something you'd like my opinion on? I'm always here to give it. Something you'd like me to write about? Something that's keeping you up at night because you aren't sure what my position is? A bit much? Yeah, probably.

Alright, the doors are open. Leave a comment.

(Let's see how this goes. I'm half expecting polite silence, but we'll see.)


OakParkGirl said...

Right now I have baby on the brain, but I think the topics are still more pertinent to THIS blog that your other one.
a few friends do cloth diapers, most do disposable. What made you do disposable? I want to do what's best for the environment and the budget, and I suppose the baby since they are less likely to get rashes, but the gross factor gets me. Guess I'll get over the gross factor quickly with a lot of things :) Now keep in mind, I babysat DOZENS of kids, changed thousands of diapers in high school and college. But they were throw away. Much different to deal with...

Let's start there. I'll come up with more, I promise.

rubyspikes said...

Disposable vs. cloth? My advice: talk to someone who did cloth, they're really great advocates. Disposable is the default (which is really rather unfortunate), so you don't really need someone to talk you into that position.

Why did we do disposable? Well, we didn't really give it much thought for baby #1. For baby #2, I knew OF people who used cloth and liked them a lot (guess who). But hubby was not interested. At all. Not even a little. So I did a little research, but it seemed unlikely I was going to convince he, so I didn't dig into it very much. And I have a great hubby who changes many, many diapers, so I didn't really want to jeopardize that.

Biggest down-sides of cloth from my little research: 1) While babies (at least mine) pee a whole lot more than they poop, dealing with a poosplosion (it will happen) with cloth diapers seems like an even bigger fiasco. 2) Changing diapers somewhere other than home means carrying wet and/or super smelly diapers around with you until you get home. 3) We've already established how frequently (or infrequently) I do laundry. Could be a problem. I'm guessing 2 & 3 could be mitigated by using disposables just when you're going out or if you run out of clean cloth, so that would work.

Biggest advantages: It's hard not to feel like a blight on the earth knowing that every diaper that both of my children went through will still not have decomposed when they're grandparents. That's a pretty large environmental footprint to have before you've even learned to ride a bike.

Well, great. Now that I'm feeling like a human virus a la The Matrix, I'll leave it at that.

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