Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shocked at OBL's Location? Welcome to the Party... 9 Months Late

In the week since Osama bin Laden was killed, there has been a lot of talk about the location of the compound and its proximity to the "West Point of Pakistan." While I agree that this definitely raises some serious questions and demands further investigation, I would like to remind everyone of one very important point:

The President and others close to this mission have been aware of the location of this compound since August of 2010. 

So the shock you're experiencing now, is nine months old to the President. We all applaud the astounding skill of those involved in the mission to find, track, and eventually kill OBL. Do you not suppose that any of these bright individuals has not also thought to look into the ties that may or may not have existed between the multiple people who lived in the compound and those outside it?

Nine months people! The US government has been watching this place for nine months! So everyone just calm down. I am fully confident that if the CIA was able to locate OBL miles from the Pakistani capital, then they certainly had the foresight to follow that courier every time he took a breath outside the compound, much less paused to ask the local military officer "for directions."

So Congress can do its little dance where they act outraged and "demand answers" to questions regarding what the Pakistani government and military did or did not know. But I've got a pretty good feeling that the CIA already has a pretty good base of evidence to tell us what the truth of the situation is.

The thing is, there's a lot of that information that we're never gonna' know about. So people, next time there's an election, take it seriously. Because these are the people who decide what to do with that information. Make sure you're electing someone that you're confident will make the right decisions in the situations that you'll never know about.