Friday, June 3, 2011

My Favorite Tweets: May 2011

I am a collector. I collect books, candles, empty diet coke cans. Not so much that last one, but you'd think I do if you could see my nightstand right now. Anyway, I find that I have been collecting tweets as well. I favorite them and hold on to them because I think they're funny. And that is no way to use Twitter. I do not need one more area of my life where I am compulsively collecting items. So since y'all like my Top Ten Rapture-Related Tweets so much, I figured I'd grab a few more of my favorites, throw them up here, and then have them saved on my blog for perpetuity. Also, those of you not on The Twitter will see it's awesomeness. And those of you who are on The Twitter may find some new peeps to follow. Anyhoo, here they are, my favorite tweets of May 2011 (minus the aforementioned rapture-related tweets).

Now go follow these awesome and funny Tweeps: @mommyboots, @michellew_, @MomIn_AMillion, @smonkyou, @juliasegal, @notthatkendall, @BorowitzReport, @CaitsConcepts, @jillsmo, @mireyamayor, @JohnFugelsang, @grace134, @phxguy88, @RenegadeRuby, @alexandrawrote, @KelleysBreakRm, @QuirkOut, @Brain_Wash, @sbellelauren