Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How Well You Know Me

There are a few stores with which I have mild obsessions. Potterybarn. Crate & Barrel. Pier 1. The Container Store. It's not really healthy. I have a collection of Potterybarn catalogs that I should really throw out since they're several months old, but I keep them around as though they are back issues of Better Homes and Gardens. Practically every decorative item in my house came from either Potterybarn, Crate & Barrel, or Pier 1.

And then there's The Container Store. Oh how I love buying containers. Boxes, bins, hooks, totes, bags. So delightful. And then I bring them all home and put all my stuff in them and line them all up on the shelves and for ten minutes, my life is totally organized. (Then of course my kid or my husband or I take something off of the shelf and don't put it back and the whole thing spirals into chaos, but that's another story.)

I get regular emails from The Container Store telling me of products that I might like. Here is part of the last email I got.

My first thought when I saw it.... Dude! I own every item on that top row. I have about three under shelf baskets, five of those teardrop soap dispensers, definitely have a Lifehammer (I don't want to drown while trapped in my car, you know), and an accordian drying rack in my utility room.

So does this mean that The Container Store knows me very well? After all, they did recommend four Great Choice items that I clearly would love. Or does it mean that they are totally not paying attention? Because I did buy every one of those items at their store! I mean, come one! I don't need those items, I already have them. Or maybe this is TCS's clever way of saying, look, we know what you like, so look at the rest of this ad for other stuff you can't stop yourself from buying.

Well, if that's the plan, TCS, you're gonna' have to try again. Because I really do not need a container to hold an open stick of butter. A) I do not cook. ANYTHING. And B) the fold-the-paper-over-the-open-end method has been working for me just fine. I like organization and all, but that's a little nuts.

But it does make me think.... I could use some new containers for the Lego kits I just bought for the kid. I should probably take a trip to The Container Store.