Saturday, July 9, 2011

This Week in Tweets: Three Times as Nice

This week, I've added a couple "special features" to the usual line up. Hope you enjoy.

This Week in Tweets: From I Hate You to Google +

My personal eight favorite tweets from this past week.

Why only eight instead of the usual ten? Well, two reasons: One, it really was a light week this week due to my need to spend more time off of Twitter than on it. But two, it also allows me to add this one time feature: The Lobbyists. I got two tweets this week related to this post, both of which made me laugh, so they had to be featured. Just a note though: this will never work again. I mean it. Behave.

This Week in Tweets: The Lobbyists

Finally, because for me, this has been crazy narcissism week, I can't possibly not feature myself on my own post of funny tweets. 'Cuz people, I'm funny, too. (Or hadn't you heard.)

This Week in Tweets: Rubyspikes Edition

This week in tweets made possible by: @MommyMonologues @scotthajer @daydreaminfool @roxisbrilliant @Brain_Wash @JimGaffigan @TheBloggess @MrsPickle_ @smonkyou & of course @rubyspikes

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(FollowtheFunny is a Twitter list of the tweeps that have recently appeared on my This Week in Tweets.)